Centennial Trail #89

The Centennial Trail, or Trail #89, passes through Sturgis just to the east of town, passing through the Fort Meade Recreation Area as part of the 7th Cavalry Trail System. This trail begins at Bear Butte, just outside Sturgis to the northeast of town, alongside Highway 79 and just north of Highway 34. From there the trail runs more than 100 miles to the south, passing through some of the most famous and picturesque areas of the Black Hills before terminating in Wind Cave National Park, just north of Hot Springs.

This trail is well supported by trailheads, with ample parking for many users and in many cases trailers, vault toilets, and in some cases water. Some portions of this trail in the Nemo area, just south of Sturgis, are also available for motorized use, such as ATV’s and motorcycles. Not all types of use are permissible in all areas, but virtually the entire trail in the vicinity of Sturgis, and extending more than 50 miles to the south until the Black Elk Wilderness Area is open for use by hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders.

Access the Centennial Trail from any of the 7th Cavalry Trail System trailheads, or directly from the Fort Meade Trailhead or the Alkali Creek Campground and Trailhead.

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