Restaurants & Places To Eat

There are a large number of places to eat in Sturgis, but many of these are only open seasonally, with most of the seasonal eateries catering mainly to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The best restaurants in Sturgis are those that are open year round, they have better food, better service, and better facilities.

A big trend among Sturgis restaurants are steak tips, and some of the best restaurants in Sturgis serve tips. Check out Caddy’s Grill & Bar, Jambonz Grill & Pub, The Knuckle Saloon, Loud American Roadhouse, Rosco’s Steakhouse, or the Sidehack Saloon for the Sturgis steak tip experience. Caddy’s and the Loud American were recently honored at the “2016 Steaktip Shootout”, a fundraiser for the Sturgis and Meade County Historical Society, for having the best tips in town.

As one would expect of a town located in a major interstate corridor, there are numerous fast food options near I-90 exits number 30 and 32.